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Statement of Policies, Guidelines and Rights – SQL Server Dev/DBA/MSBI/CLOUD Trainings @ SQL School

Last Updated: August 24th (Thursday), 2017 1:00 PM India Time

1. Privacy

SQL School (Registered as Sequelgate Innovative Technologies Pvt. Ltd.) is committed in protecting your (Training Aspirant, Attendee, Consultancy or Company contacts) privacy. We use your training registration information for our reference records ONLY and to provide a more personalized service.

2. Using our Services

Trainee (Training Aspirant/Participant/Attendee) needs to follow any policies made available to him/her within the service limit requested / mutually agreed for. Group attendance or any other misuse of our services is a punishable offense subject to Hyderabad Jurisdiction. We reserve the right to deny/reject any service on security and usage terms, if found unsatisfactory/doubtful or traces pertaining to possibility of misuse of our services.
For LIVE Online Training : No conditions apply
For Video Training : Webcam (any low quality or gray-scale works) and Screen sharing (on and off during the classes) mandatory. If a person is NOT willing to adhere to our terms then we request the particiapnt to give us any other alternative way to win our trust on NOT misusing our service or to prove that they are not downloading the videos and no group attendance for single registration. We should not force the person to obey our terms. In expectional cases, we reserve the right to DENY our training offering.

3. Policy Terms

The Training sessions conducted / delivered by us are ASSETS of SQL School institute and we (SQL School) hold complete RIGHTS on the same. If any Attendee/Student/Client is found recording the sessions through any means of Software or device is a crime. The guilty is subjected to Copy Right, Piracy, Criminal and Civil Laws. SQL School reserves the right to amend/change/include guidelines, policies and terms any time serving transparency and service quality purposes. Any dispute or legal issues subject to jurisdiction of Honorable court(s) situated at Hyderabad, India.

4. Trainee / Attendee Benefits

May use, reuse (in any form) the Study Material provided in downloadable format during / after the training. May contact SQL School for technical doubts and Job Support activities over email in-lieu with training registered for. Attendee enjoys Realtime in-depth training and can contact SQL School for technical doubts on the subject during / after the training sessions. Attendee has option of taking the course in a later batch in case of any discontinuity in the registered batch upon prior intimation and confirmation from SQL School.

5. Additional Guidelines to ensure Trusted, Interactive Trainings

  • Mic, Headset and Webcam are mandatory for Online Training.
  • No inbuilt / external speakers to be used during the training sessions. PC / Latptop mandatory for accessing the sessions.
  • Recorded video(s) for the missing session(s) provided upon PRIOR intimation before the session.
  • We can provide Maximum of ONE video per week per attendee. This limitation is because of our File Server space constraints.
  • Prior intimation and confirmation mandatory for course discontinuity in prevailing batch and can avail option to continue in the next batch.


For this reason, we shall first request participants about thier willingness to share webcam (INVERTED / BLURRED / GRAYSCAL / HALF / QUARTER Positions) to ensure we know if the RIGHT participant is using our service. Only then we accept the registrations. Any inquiry found NOT familiar/ NOT willing to produce their transperancy would be on HOLD.

We also request participants to ensure you are using a dedicated user account with limitted credentials when opting for any Online Servie. This way we can ensure safe and securing derivables via LIVE Meeting/Online Meeting tools we use like: WebEx @ Cisco, GotoMeeting, GotoTraining, GotoWebinar @ Citrix.

What made us to impart these restrictions?

Enough experiences all these years – both good and bad, faced many occurrences of group attendance – mostly in Online Service areas. Hence we are forced to make it a mandate to accept such registrations who understand our concerns. We NEVER FORCE any person / organization / company to take our service. We except trainees to take the technical, quality and highly real-time practical service at their own will. Hence payments to be received in Installments. Customer priority and safe usage of Online service is of utmost importanace to us.

7. Registration Confirmation

Slot Confirmation subject to availability of seats. Payment to be initiated by the participant only after approval of confirmation against course registration.

Slot Confirmation Process

Participant needs to ensure that he/she is willing to the following terms:

  • i. Participants are supposed to use Webcam (with acceptable brightness of about 10%), Mic and Headset while attending the trainings. Preference given if participant directly responds on email rather than someone else (friend/family member) gives confirmation.
  • ii. Attendees CANNOT and SHOULD NOT record the sessions by any means, in any way. Any such unauthorized practice/attempt lead to serious consequences abide to law. For Video Course, participants are requested to share their screen(s) during video access. This is to be communicated during the test connection we conduct prior to registration. For future reference and practice, we shall email the participants with Session Wise Material and Screenshots of the technical examples taugh in each class, as applicable.
  • iii. We intake only limitted members per batch, for LIVE Online / Classroom Trainings. This is to ensure trusted interactive training services from  SQL School  (Trademarked, ISO Certified, MS Learning Partner).
  • iv. Incase of any group registrations (more than one person willing to join from a party/consultancy/company) common invoicing process applicable. One of the members in the group who send us the list of participants shall be responsible to maintain the quorum until end of the course.

8. Course Completion Certificate

Upon successful completion of the course, we provide course completion certificate. Physical hard copy to be sent for Inhouse/Classroom Training attendees from Hyderabad (India) and Scanned copy of the certificate to be sent for students outside Hyderabad. This is an on-demand service.

Disclaimer: We were urged to ensure proactive steps in view of reported misuse of our services in the recent past. Our sincere thanks for your valuable understanding.

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