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Complete Practical and Real-time Training on Snowflake. Snowflake Training course from SQL School will make you master the fundamentals of data warehousing capabilities as well as dealing with data and analytics. This Snowflake Video Training course teaches you all important concepts like snowflake objects, cloning, undrop, fail-safe and analytics solutions. At the end of this Snowflake Certification Training program, you will work on useful real-time projects.

24x7 LIVE Online Server (Lab) with Real-time Databases. Course includes ONE Real-time Project. Register Today

Snowflake Training Plans

  Snowflake T-SQL, Snowflake T-SQL, Power BI,
Total Duration 4 Weeks 6 Weeks 10 Weeks
Snowflake: DWH and ETL
Snowflake: Cloud Configurations
Snowflake: DWH Architecture
Snowflake: Database, Schemas
Snowflake: Constraints, SP, Tasks
Snowflake: Partitions & Tuning
Snowflake: Security Management
Snowflake: Automated Backups
Snowflake: SnowSQL Concepts
Snowflake: Variables & Tasks
Snowflake: File Formats, Stages
Snowflake: External Stages
Snowflake: Azure Integration
Snowflake: Snow Pipes & Upserts
Snowflake: Power BI Analytics
TSQL: Database Basics, T-SQL
TSQL : Constraints, Joins, Queries
TSQL: Views, Group By, Self Joins
TSQL: SPs, Udf, Transaction Basics
Power BI: Report Design, Visuals
Power BI: M Lang, DAX for ETL
Power BI: Cloud, Apps, Tenant
Power BI: Azure, Report Server
Total Course Fee *
* Payable in Installments
INR 9,000
USD 122
INR 13,000
USD 176
INR 21,000
USD 284

Trainer: Mr. Sai Phanindra T

All Session Are Completely Practical & Real Time

Snowflake Training Highlights :

✔ DWH & Snowflake Introduction ✔ Snowflake Architecture
✔ Snowflake Service Form ✔ Snowflake Objects
✔ Using SnowSQL CLI ✔ Snowflake Data
✔ Sequence in Snowflake ✔ Snowflake Stream & Tasks
✔ SnowSQL Operators ✔ SnowSQL Concepts
✔ Data Loads & Validations ✔ Staging Operations with Snowflake
✔ Unloading Data from Snowflake ✔ Virtual Warehouse in Snowflake
✔ Replication and Business Continuity ✔ Security Management with Snowflake
✔ Snowflake with Azure Data Factory ✔ Managing Governance in Snowflake
✔✔ End to End Real-time Project @ Resume

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All Training Sessions are completely practical and real-time. 24x7 LIVE Server & Lab Available. Payments via Paypal in Installments.