Microsoft Business Intelligence - MSBI Online Training (LIVE, Instructor-Led)

This impeccable MSBI (SQL BI) course is carefully designed for aspiring BI Developers, Consultants and Architects. This MSBI Online Training includes basic to advanced Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse (DWH) and Data Analytics (OLAP) concepts on SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), Analysis Services (SSAS) and Reporting Services (SSRS). This MSBI Online Training course also includes Power Query & DAX for Data Modelling and MDX & DMX for Big Data Analysis and Reports along with Power BI Cloud and Azure Integration.

Complete practical and realtime MSBI Training with 24x7 LIVE server and Real-time Project with Interview & Placement Assistance.

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MSBI (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS) Training Plans

  1. MSBI 1. T-SQL
1. T-SQL
3. Power BI
Total Duration 6 Weeks 9 Weeks 13 Weeks
MSBI - SSIS: ETL, Data Warehouse
MSBI - SSIS: Dimension, Fact Loads
MSBI - SSIS: Star & Snowflake Schemas
MSBI - SSAS: OLAP Cube Design
MSBI - SSAS: Data Modeling with MDX
MSBI - SSAS: Data Modeling with DAX
MSBI - SSRS: Report Design, Hosting
MSBI - SSRS: Azure Cloud Data Source
MSBI: Real-Time Project
SQL : Basic SQL, SQL Server Concepts
T-SQL : Queries, Joins, Group By
T-SQL : Queries, SProcs, Lock Hints
T-SQL: Queries, Normal Forms, Excel
Power BI Report Design
Power BI Desktop, Custom Visuals
Data Modelling with Power Query
Data Modelling with DAX
Power BI Cloud, Excel Analysis
Power BI Mobile, R, REST API
PL 300 Exam Guidance
Total Course Fee
( Payable in Installments)*
INR 18000
USD 300*
INR 23000
USD 325*
INR 35000
USD 450*

Trainer: Mr.Sai Phanindra (18+ Yrs of Exp)

SQL Server & T-SQL Schedules
S No Time (IST, Mon - Fri) Start Date  
1 6 AM - 7 AM Apr 2nd Register
2 8 AM - 9 AM Mar 27th Register
3 9 AM - 10 AM Mar 19th Register
4 6 PM - 7 PM Feb 26th Register
5 8 PM - 9 PM Mar 12th Register
6 9 PM - 10 PM Mar 5th Register

Trainer: Mr Shekhar (17+ Yrs Exp)

MSBI Training Schedules
S No Time (IST, Mon - Fri) Start Date  
7 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM Feb 26th Register

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✔ Basic to Adv. ETL ✔ Basic to Adv. DAX
✔ Data Modelling ✔ OLAP DB Design
✔ Power Query ✔ Basic to Adv. MDX
✔ Kimball BI Design ✔ Inmon BI Design
✔ Star, Snowflake ✔ Data Warehousing
✔ Reports & Dashboards ✔ Power BI Cloud
✔ OLTP, File Data ✔ JSON, XML Data
✔ Mobile Reports ✔ Interview FAQs
✔ Resume Guidance ✔ MCSA MSBI Exam

MSBI Training (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS) Curriculum:

Participants may join for complete MSBI (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS) Course or for individual modules. Practical, Real-time.
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All Classes are Instructor-Led & LIVE. Completely Practical and Real-time with Study Material, Session Wise Tasks and 24x7 LIVE Server.

SQL Server T-SQL, Azure SQL, Azure DBA, Azure BI, Azure Data Engineer, Power BI Training

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