Azure Synapse LIVE Online Training

This impeccable Azure Synapse Training course is carefully designed for Microsoft Azure Data Engineers and Architects. This Azure Synapse Training includes basic to advanced Data Warehouse (DWH) and Data Management, Data Analytics concepts. This Azure Synapse Online Training course also includes SQL Warehouse Migrations, Azure Storage, Azure Data Explorer, Synapse Management, Monitoring and Analytics for Azure Data Engineer. This course is also helpful for Azure DP 200, DP 201 Certifications.

Complete practical and realtime Azure Synapse Training course with In-Depth Analytics, DWH Concepts, Azure Data Engineer and DP 200, DP 201 Certification Guidance. Resume Guidance Included.

Azure Synapse Analytics Training Plans

Course includes Azure Synapse
Azure Synapse Analytics
Azure Data Factory
Azure Data Engineer
[ADF, Synapse,
ADB, Cosmos]
Total Duration 2 Weeks 4 Weeks 8 Weeks
Azure Synapse Configuration
Azure Synapse Architecture
Azure Analytics Workspace
Basic ETL Concepts with SSMS
Bulk Loads with Synapse
Data Warehouse Units (DWUs)
Azure Synapse Management
Azure Monitoring, ADB
Azure Synapse with Power BI
Azure Data Factory
ADF Resources, Auhtor, Monitor
Copy Data Tool, ETL Operations
Azure SQL Database For ETL
Azure Synapse, Incremental Loads
Data Flow, Data Wrangling
ETL, Tranformations, Lookups
ADF Triggers, Monitoring
Data Bricks Architecture
Run Spark Jobs, ADB Workspace
Virtual Network, File System
Structured Streaming, Delta Lake
Azure Cosmos DB Concepts
Cosmos Tables, UI Interface
End to End Implementation
Total Course Fee * INR 9000
USD 122
INR 16000
USD 217
INR 32000
USD 433

Trainer: Mr. Sai Phanindra T

Azure Synapse Training Highlights :

✔ Basic to Adv. ETL ✔ Azure Analytics
✔ Data Engineering ✔ Azure Migrations
✔ Synapse Data Loads ✔ Data Explorer
✔ Synapse ETL ✔ Query Tuning
✔ Table Spaces ✔ ADF Integration
✔ DP 200, DP 201 ✔ Resume Guidance

All Session Are Completely Practical & Real Time

Azure Synapse Training Course Contents:

Module I: Azure Synapse Analytics

Module 2: Azure Synapse Analytics

Ch 1 : Azure Synapse Intro

  • Need for Azure Synapse
  • Data engineers, Data scientists
  • IT professionals, Business analysts
  • Database administrators
  • Data security and privacy
  • Subscription and Azure Resources
  • Azure Synapse Configuration
  • Azure SQL Server Creation
  • Azure Server Firewalls
  • Synapse Firewalls, Remote Access
  • Azure Synapse Pool (DWH)
  • Azure Synapse Analytics Engine
  • DWU Units and Scaling Options
  • Start and Pause Options

Ch 6 : Bulk Loads with Synapse

  • Bulk Loads with COPY Data
  • High-throughput Data Ingestion
  • LABEL Options, Data Loads
  • Load Monitoring in Synapse
  • Azure Synapse - SQL Tables
  • CopyData with Multiple Tables
  • Authentication Methods
  • Storage account key with LF
  • Shared Access Signatures (SAS)
  • CRLF as the row terminator
  • Managed Identity Authentication
  • Azure Active Directory Authentication

Ch 2 : Azure Synapse Architecture

  • Scaling Options, Compute Engine
  • cDWU & DWU : Real-time Usage, Pricing
  • Massively Parallel Processing (MPP)
  • Sharding Benefits with MPP in DWH
  • Control Node and Compute Node
  • Data Distribution Components in ADW
  • DMS : Data Movement Service, CMVs
  • Synapse Tables : Types
  • Integration Tables, Schemas
  • Table Persistance, Regular Tables
  • Temporary Tables, External Tables
  • Distributed Tables, Table Partitions
  • Hash Functions, Distributed Tables
  • Round-robin Distributed Tables

Ch 7 : Data Warehouse Units (DWUs)

  • Azure Datawarehouse Units
  • Synapse Resource Pools
  • Azure ServiceLevel Objective
  • T-SQL Scripts for SLO Options
  • PerformanceTiers - Gen1, Gen2
  • Data Warehouse Units (DWU)
  • Capacity Limits, Permissions
  • DWU settings and Reports
  • Important DMVs, DMFs
  • Scaling Workflow in Azure Synapse
  • Performance Tuning Options
  • Orded Clustered ColumnStore Index
  • Non-Ordered Columnstore Index
  • Query Performance, CCI, CTAS

Ch 3 : Azure Analytics Workspace

  • Azure Synapse and Spark Technologies
  • Azure Synapse SQL Concpets
  • Azure Synapse Piplelines, Usage
  • Creating Workspace in Azure Synapse
  • Azure Datalake Storage Gen 2
  • Edit, Delete Options: Command Bars
  • Azure Synapse Studio : IDE
  • Storage Accounts Browsing Options
  • Query Files and Storage Blob
  • SQL Scripts and Spark Notebooks
  • Creating Spark Pools in Synapse
  • SQL On-demand in Azure Synapse
  • Logical Data Warehouse Concepts
  • Client Tools, PARQUET File Format

Ch 8 : Azure Synapse Management

  • Backups and Restores in Synapse
  • User-defined restore points
  • Creating and Using Restore Points
  • Resting Existing Restore Point
  • Restoring Deleted Resource Pool
  • Restore from Ge-Backup SQL Pool
  • Secure Database in Azure Synapse
  • Connection security with Synapse
  • Authentication Modes and Options
  • Authorization Techniques in Synapse
  • Database Encryption : Data Security
  • Transperant Data Encryption (TDE)
  • Certificates and AES-256 Algorithm
  • Important Security Scripts in T-SQL

Ch 4 : Basic ETL Concepts with SSMS

  • SSMS Client Tool, Access Options
  • Azure Datawarehouse Access
  • Performance Levels in Synapse
  • Client IP Address, Fully Qualified Names
  • Creating Logins and Users for ETL
  • COPY Statement and Data Loads
  • Azure Data Lake Storage
  • ETL Operations with Azure Storage
  • Azure Storage Architecture, ADLS
  • Azure Storage Gen 1 and Gen 2
  • Understanding COPY Statement
  • Optimize ColumnStore Compression
  • Optimize Statistics.ColumnStore Indexes
  • Fact Tables and Dimension Tables

Ch 9 : Azure Monitoring

  • Manageability and monitoring with Synapse SQL pool
  • Monitor your Azure Synapse Analytics SQL pool workload using DMVs
  • Monitor connections, Memory
  • Monitor Query Execution
  • Monitor Active Queries, CTAS
  • Find top 10 queries longest running queries
  • Polybase Loads, Catalog Loads
  • Suspended States, TempDB
  • sys.dm_pdw_exec_requests
  • Investigate the Query Plan
  • Data Movement operations
  • SQL on the distributed databases
  • Monitor Waiting Queries

Ch 5 : Azure Synapse with Data Factory

  • Azure Data Factory with Synapse
  • Creating Factory Resource, Options
  • ADF Versions and Editor Options
  • Author and Monitor Options in ADF
  • Creating Pipelines, Copy Data Tool
  • Loading Data into Azure Synapse
  • Loading Data From Azure Synapse
  • Real-time Considerations
  • Incremental Loads with Files
  • Table Mapping and Polybase
  • Staging Options with ADF
  • Debugging, Validations
  • Publishing Options with Pipelines
  • Triggering Options, Task Cadence

Ch 10 : Azure Synapse with ADB

  • Creating Azure Synapse Database
  • Loading Data from Azure Synapse
  • Azure Synapse connector
  • Spark Driver for Azure Synapse
  • Spark Executors for Azure Synapse
  • Azure Synapse to Azure storage
  • Global Hadoop configuration in ADB
  • Real-time Recommendations
  • Azure Synapse with Power BI
  • Report Generation with Synapse
  • Real-time Recommendations
  • Dataset Creation, Data Flows
  • Power Query and ETL
  • Visualizations, Data Modelling
  • Real-time Recommendations
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