Azure SQL (DEV) Online Training (LIVE, Instructor-Led)

Azure SQL Database is a cloud-based, elegant technology for creating and using databases in Microsoft Cloud. Easy UI and Faster, reliable deliverables with SQL Server Cloud. We at SQL School offer complete real-time and practical on Azure SQL Database Trainings.

Azure SQL Database Online Training from SQL School. This course includes Basic to Advanced Azure SQL Database Development, Azure SQL Database Administration, Performance Insights, Geo Replication, Database Synchronization, Advanced Security with TDE and RLS (Row Level Security), DDM and Azure Virtual Machines. This Azure SQL Database Training course also include MCSA Certification Guidance. Register Today

Azure SQL Dev (with Server, T-SQL, Azure SQL Database)

Azure SQL Dev - Job Profile Azure SQL Dev T-SQL + Azure SQL Dev
Applicable For Experienced Dev Starters, Experienced
Course Duration 1 Week 6 Weeks
Azure Cloud Concepts Check-Symbol-for-Yes Check-Symbol-for-Yes
Azure SQL Database Concepts Check-Symbol-for-Yes Check-Symbol-for-Yes
Azure SQL Migrations Check-Symbol-for-Yes Check-Symbol-for-Yes
Query Tuning in Azure SQL DB Check-Symbol-for-Yes Check-Symbol-for-Yes
Azure Search & Sharding Check-Symbol-for-Yes Check-Symbol-for-Yes
Built-In Automated Tuning Check-Symbol-for-Yes Check-Symbol-for-Yes
Azure Data Studio Tool Check-Symbol-for-Yes Check-Symbol-for-Yes
Azure Elastic Queries Croos-symbol-for-Yes Croos-symbol-for-Yes
SQL Server, DB Architecture Check-Symbol-for-No Check-Symbol-for-Yes
Query Tuning and Execution Plans Check-Symbol-for-No Check-Symbol-for-Yes
Basic to Adv. Stored Procedures Check-Symbol-for-No Check-Symbol-for-Yes
CTEs, Partitions, Locks, Isolations Check-Symbol-for-No Check-Symbol-for-Yes
Temporal & Memory Tables Check-Symbol-for-No Check-Symbol-for-Yes
New Features: SQL 2017, 2019 Check-Symbol-for-No Check-Symbol-for-Yes
Real-time Project with Solution Check-Symbol-for-No Check-Symbol-for-Yes
MCSA 70-761 Certification Croos-symbol-for-No Croos-symbol-for-Yes
MCSA 70-762 Certification Croos-symbol-for-No Croos-symbol-for-Yes

Azure SQL Database Training Schedules - Trainer : Mr. Sai Phanindra

All Trainings are completely Practical, Real-Time. Register Today



✔ In-depth Tuning ✔ Migration Issues
✔ In-Memory Data ✔ Schema Migrations
✔ Stretch Database ✔ DB Documenation
✔ Memory Tables ✔ Temporal Tables
✔ App Connections ✔ CTEs and TVPs
✔ Excel Imports ✔ Excel Pivots
✔ BLOB Storage ✔ Power Shell

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