Azure BI Training

This impeccable Azure BI Training course is carefully designed for aspiring BI Developers, Consultants and Azure Professionals. This Azure BI Training includes basic to advanced Azure Data Factory (ADF), Azure Storage, Azure Data Lake (ADL) and Azure Analysis Services (AAS) concepts with Real-time Project on End to End Implementation. This Azure BI Training course also includes Azure Migrations, Azure DataWarehouse (ADW) [Azure Synapse], Azure Data Bricks for Big Data Analytics, helpful for your next Job as well as to reshape your resume.

Complete practical and realtime Azure BI Training course with 24x7 LIVE server, Resume Guidance, ONE Real-time Project with Interview & Placement Assistance.

Azure BI Training Modes

Azure BI Training Plans

  Azure BI SQL Server
Azure BI
SQL Server
Azure BI,
Total Duration 18 Weeks 20 Weeks 24 Weeks
MSBI - SSIS: ETL, Data Warehouse
MSBI - SSIS: Dimension, Fact Loads
MSBI - SSIS: Star & Snowflake Schemas
MSBI - SSAS: OLAP Cube Design
MSBI - SSAS: Data Modeling with MDX
MSBI - SSAS: Data Modeling with DAX
MSBI - SSRS: Report Design, Hosting
MSBI - SSRS: Azure Cloud Data Source
MSBI: MCSA Certification Guidance
MSBI: Real-Time Project
Power BI: Report Design, Visuals
Power BI: M Lang, DX for ETL
Power BI: Report Server, Admin
ADF : Azure Data Factory
ADF : Data Imports, ETL
ADF : Data Flows, Wrangling
ADF : Transformations, ETL
Synapse: Configuration, Loads
Synapse: ETL with ADF, DWH
Synapse: Performance Tuning
Synapse: MPP, cDWH, DIUs
ADB : Azure Data Bricks
ADB : Architecture, Data Loads
ADB : Run Spark Jobs, Pools
ADB : Workspace, Delta Tables
Storage : Storage & Containers
Storage: BLOB Imports
Storage: Security
Azure SSIS
Azure Analysis Services
Snowflake Data Warehouse
Snowflake Data LifeCycle
Snowflake Streams & Tasks
Snowflake Worksheets
SQL: Database Basics, T-SQL
SQL : Constraints, Joins, Queries
T-SQL : Queries, SProcs, Lock Hints
SQL: Views, Group By, Self Joins
Routine SQL DBA Activities
Emergency SQL DBA Activities
SQL Server, DB Maintenance
DB Repairs, Security Management
Migrations, Patches, Upgrades
HA-DR : Replication, Log Shipping
Clustering, Always-On Availability
Total Course Fee *
*Course Payable in Installments
INR 63,000
USD 851
INR 67,000
USD 905
INR 84,000
USD 1135

Trainer: Mr. Sai Phanindra T

All Session Are Completely Practical & Real Time

Azure BI Training Highlights :

✔ Azure Fundamentals ✔ Azure AD
✔ Azure SQL Concepts ✔ Azure Migrations
✔ Azure AD ✔ Azure Key Vaults
✔ Azure Monitor ✔ Azure Functions
✔ Azure Data Factory ✔ Azure Synapse
✔ Azure Synapse ✔ Azure Strorage
✔ Data Lake Storage ✔ Data Lake Analytics
✔ Stream Analytics ✔ IoT, Event Hubs
✔ Azure Cosmos DB ✔ Azure Databricks
✔ Azure Notebooks ✔ U-SQL & NoSQL
✔ Python, Scala ✔ Spark Clusters
✔✔ End to End Real-time Project @ Resume

SQL Server, SQL DBA, MSBI, Azure SQL Dev, Azure SQL DBA, Power BI Training

All Training Sessions are completely practical and real-time. 24x7 LIVE Server & Lab Available. Payments via Paypal in Installments.