Oracle RAC DBA Classroom Training

Oracle RAC DBA Training program with 100% COMPLETE PRACTICAL and REAL-TIME subject. Course starts from the Basics of SQL to Intermediate concepts like ARMAN Backups to Advanced concpets like RAC and Indepth Tuning Techniques. Course includes Resume Guidance, Interview and Certification Guidance. Register Today

Schedules for Oracle RAC DBA Weekend (Sat - SUn)
Start Date Location
1 9 AM to 10:30 AM Nov 25th SR Nagar Mr. Mishra Register

All Trainings are Completely Practical & Real-Time

Oracle RAC DBA Course Fee : 10,000/-

Duration : 3 Weeks / 4 Weekends

Training Highlights

Daily Tasks Weekly Interviews
Real-time Project Resume Guidance
Certification Guidance Placement Services

Oracle RAC DBA Training Course Contents:

RAC DBA Course

1. Introduction

Introduction to cluster ,Types of cluster ,Components Of Cluster ,Hardware requirement for clusters, Define Oracle Real Application Cluster,List the Advantages of RAC ,RAC Architecture & Components ,SGA Structures ,Background Process

2. Oracle 11g RAC Installation

Operating System preparation for Rac ,Introduction to Network Hardware,Private & Public Configuration,SHMMAX and Semaphores for Oracle 11g RAC,Groups & Users For Oracle Software ,Clusters Setup Tasks, Introduction to 11g daemons,Installing Cluster ready services,Install Database software

3. Introduction to ASM

Adv .Of ASM,11g ASM Enhancements,Parameter used for configure ASM ,Creating ASM Instances & Disk groups ,Requires RAC Database Files :

Managing Redo Log groups in RAC Environment Managing Undo table space in RAC Environment parameter used for 11g RAC Database/SP-File management in RAC ,Database creation in Rac,Enabling/Disabling Archive Log mode and Flash recovery area

4. RAC Administration with SRVCTL Commands

Adding ASM Instances,Adding RDBMS Instances Starting and stopping instances and database, Managing service with SRVCTL Commands,Management of OCR & Voting disk,Multiplexing of OCR & Voting Disk,11g Enhancements in cluster where Administration

5. Adding Node in existing RAC

  • Deleting Node in Existing RAC

6. OCFS(Oracle Cluster File System)

Introduction to OCFS1 & OCFS2,Adv. Of OCFS2 Installation of OCFS2,Database creation on OCFS using DBCA OEM(Oracle Enterprise Manager) Introduction to OEM ,OEM Configuration for RAC database using EMCA,EMCTL Commands for OEM,11g Enhancements in OEM

7. High Availability Connections configuration

Configure client side connect -Time load balancing Configure server side connect -Time load balancing ,Configure transparent application failover(TAF)


Introduction to RMAN,11g Enhancement in RMAN ,Backup and Recovery in RAC through RMAN,Migration RAC (Single instances to multi instances )


Automatic workload Repository & Automatic database diagnostic monitor in RAC ,Determine RAC specific Tuning, Data guard setup in RAC Environment

*Above course curriculum applicable for registrations from Sep 13TH, 2017

24x7 Support with Real-time Databases. Course includes ONE Real-time Project. Register Today
All Classes are Instructor-Led & LIVE. Completely Practical and Real-time with Study Material, Session Notes, Tasks and 24x7 Support.

Oracle RAC DBA Training - Highlights :

  • Completely Practical and Real-time
  • Suitable for Starters + Working Professionals
  • Session wise Handouts and Tasks + Solutions
  • TWO Real-time Case Studies, One Project
  • Weekly Mock Interviews, Certifications
  • Certification & Interview Guidance
  • Detailed SQL Server Architecture, DB Design
  • Query Tuning, Stored Procedures, Linked Servers
  • In-Memory, DAC and Contained Databases
  • Routine DBA Activities, Emergency DBA Activities
  • SQL Profiler, SQLDIAG, DTA and Litespeed Tools
  • High Availability, Disaster Recovery, Always-On
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