SQL DBA Online Training : Practical and Realtime. Reasonable price

SQL DBA Online Training : Practical and Realtime. Reasonable price

SQL School is one of the pioneers IT Institutions providing specialized in SQL Server 2012 DBA Training. We have been providing Online Training, Classroom Training and Video Training for the last SEVEN years. All our sessions are completely Practical and Real-time.


SQL Server Basics
• SQL Server Design Architecture – 2008 R2 & 2012
• SQL Server Database Design & Planning
• SQL Server Table Design & Pages
• Table Compression Techniques
• Data Integrity & Consistency
• SQL Server Views and Schemas
• JOINS and Sub Queries
• Uses of Indexes and Performance
• Stored Procedures and User Defined Functions
• DDL Triggers and DML Triggers
• Cursors Usage and Limitations
• T-SQL Transactions Concepts & Types
• Locks and Memory Concepts & Locking Hints
• New Features in SQL Server 2012

Basic SQL Server Administration (DBA)

• Locks, Blocking & Deadlocks Issues
• Backup Strategies & Backup Options
• Point-In-Time, Partial and Piecemeal Restores
• Replication Techniques and Monitoring
• Peer – Peer Replication Topology and Limitations
• Log Shipping Modes and Issues
• DB Mirroring and Encryption
• SQL Server Security & Client Security
• Database & Object Security
• Security Issues and Audits
• Data Level Encryptions and Data Security
• Performance Tuning & Tips
• Import -Export Techniques
• Tuning & Troubleshooting
• Security Audits in DENALI
• DBCC Commands and Management
• Server Level Audits

Advanced SQL Administration
• Log Space Issues and Tempdb Issues
• Profiler & Activity Monitor and Network Issues
• Partitioning Techniques, DB Snapshots and Usage
• Certificates, Signatures, Cryptography, Keys and TDE Implementation
• DB Engine Tuning Advisor and Client Statistics
• Optimizing SSIS Packages
• Database Maintenance Plans
• DB Mail & Alert System with Notifications
• Upgrades, Migrations and Service Pack Installations
• SQL Server Failover Cluster Configuration
• Active Directory Configurations and Storage (SAN) Management
• Active/Active and Active/Passive Cluster Configuration Issues
• SQL Server Cluster Management Operations
• MSDTC and Resource Governor Importance and Usage
• Contained Databases and Always-On Availability Groups

SQL School
Sai Manor Complex, Beside SR Nagar Statue, X Roads, SR Nagar, Hyderabad (India)
Office: (+91) 040 64577244 and Mobile: (+91) 0 9666440801
USA: 214-628-5666


Office: (+91) 040 64577244     and  Mobile: (+91) 0 9666440801

USA: 214-628-5666






About sqlschool

SQL School (Regd: SequelGate Innovative Technologies Pvt. Ltd.) is one of fastest growing organization delivering Realtime Training and Realtime Projects exclusively on Microsoft SQL Server. Our Training services include SQL DBA Online Training, MSBI Online Training, SQL DBA Classroom Training, MSBI Classroom Training and Realtime Projects. SQL School, established in February, 2008 is now, one of the best institute offering Trainings on SQL Server, SQL Database Administration (DBA) and Business Intelligence (BI) technologies. We have been working with numerous consultancies in India, US, UK and Australia. We undertake Online Trainings and Corporate Trainings on SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2012 (DENALI) versions. We make sure that all our sessions are very much interactive and well structured. We encourage every participant to come up with his / her own queries during & after the training sessions. We prefer practical approach rather than theoretical information to master the technical depth of the technology. We provide excellent Lab Handouts for practice, Realtime Case Studies and Projects on SQL Server Administration (SQL DBA) and Microsoft Business Intelligence (MS BI) Training courses. Free LIVE DEMOs would be provided prior to training registration. Specific DAY to DAY Course Plan will also be shared prior to training registration to ensure transparency of our Training services.