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All Videos are completely practical, highly technical and real-time. Every video contains Lab Work and Tasks for your practice.



Benefits of our Training Videos

  • Complete Practical Training Videos

  • Highly Technical and Real-time

  • Video-wise Lab Works and Material

  • Video-wise Tasks and Solutions

  • 24x7 LIVE Server Lab

  • Software Assistance and Lab

  • Interview Preperation, Certifications

  • Resume Guidance, Mock Interviews



For clarifications/queries, please feel free to reach us:

Mail: contact@sqlschool.com

Skype: SQL School

USA: +1 (510) 400 - 4845

India: +91 9666 44 0801



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Why Choose SQL School?

1. Microsoft Partner (ID# 4338151) [Learning]
2. ISO Certified Training Institute
3. Dedicated to Microsoft SQL Server Technology
4. Microsoft Certification Guidance and Interviews
5. Completely Practical and Realtime Trainings
6. 24x7 Server Access with Realtime Databases


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