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On demand Training Videos accessible your comfortable timings. Our SSRS Video Training Service (Course Code: VC07) offers complete realtime practical knowledge transfer services for aspiring and working SQL BI / Report Developers. Study and Practice Material with Realtime Case Study, Free LIVE Server Access for online Lab are included in this course. Register for SSRS Video Training

Pre-requisites: Participant should have knowledge on SQL Server T-SQL Queries & Tuning to join this Real-time Practical SSRS Training Course.

SSRS Video Training - How it works?

Real-time, Practical Training Videos, accessible 24x7. Study, Practice Material and Lab Work for every video. Trainer available for doubts clarifications and support. Theory Material to be provided in Advance.

Type: 100% Practical & Example Based, Real-time
No. of Videos: 10 Videos (Duration: 85 mins per video)
Course Fee: INR 6000/- (USD 100) payable in 2 installments

This Video Course includes one Real-time Project. Download Brochure
Program Highlights & Trainer Profile

  • Completely Real-time and Practical
  • Video wise Lab Work and Tasks
  • One Real-time Case Study
  • Certifications & Interview Guidance
  • Interview FAQs & Resume Guidance
  • 24x7 LIVE Server with Lab, Support

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Basic SSRS Development & Report Authoring Advanced SSRS Development & Deployments

SSRS Video 1: SSRS Configurations

  • Need For Reporting Solutions and Tools
  • SSRS Installation & Configuration Process
  • Three-Phase Report Life Cycle in SSRS
  • Reporting Engine Architecture & Databases
  • Web Services in SSRS and Purpose
  • SSRS 2012 Web Service URL Configuration
  • SSRS 2014 and Web Service URL Configuration
  • Report Server and Report Manger Access
  • Report Server DB and TempDB Configuration
  • Virtual Directories and Port Settings
  • Communication Ports & Encryptions
  • Report Designer Installation and SSDT
  • Report Builder Tool Installation and Tests
  • Report Server Configuration Manager Options

SSRS Video 2: Report Design - I

  • Using Report Wizard - Basic Reports
  • Using Report Template - Custom Reports
  • Understanding Report Data Sources
  • Report Data Sets, Fields and Options
  • SSRS Report Planning and Authoring
  • Data Source Server/DB Connections
  • Visual Studio Data Tools Templates
  • Report Design with Wizard Template
  • Table Reports and Layout Options
  • Matrix Reports and Column Drilldown
  • Choosing Report Fields & Pagination
  • Designing OLTP Reports with Relations
  • Using Query Designer on OLTP Data
  • Working with Aliasing & Expressions
  • Queries with Many-to-Many Relations
  • Enterprise Reports Design and Access
  • Report Formatting Styles, Expressions Syntax
  • Alternate Row Colors and Dynamic Formats

SSRS Video 3: Report Design - II

  • Report Fields - Dynamic Properties
  • IIF, ROW_NUMBER, FORMAT, Other Functions
  • Row, Column & Field Level Report Expressions
  • Mathematical Functions in Expressions
  • Working with Date / Time Expressions
  • Grouping Options with Report Designer
  • Working with Parent and Child Groups
  • Group Properties - Row Level Options
  • Group Properties - Column Level Options
  • Targetting Headers on Multiple Pages
  • Reapeating Headers - Row and Column Level
  • Advanced Properties, Groups Repeats
  • Drilldown Reports and Toggling Properties
  • Grouping Reports and Pagination Settings
  • Repeating Headers On Every Page (Column Groups)
  • Textbox Format Options in Report Designer
  • Multi Toolbox Items in Report Design

SSRS Video 4: Report Design - III

  • Working with Shared Datasets
  • Dataset Conversions and Types
  • Creating Parameters using Queries
  • Static Parameters and Options
  • Dynamic Parameters and Options
  • Dependant Parameters and Filters
  • Datasets Joins and Lookup Options
  • SSRS Parameters and Properties
  • Parameters - Usage and Limitations
  • Dependent Dynamic Parameters Design
  • Multi Valued & Null Parameters
  • Filters in Report Shared Data Sets
  • SSRS Report Filters in Toolbox Items
  • Parameters and Filters - Limitations
  • Using SSRS Expressions and Global Fields
  • Advanced Parameters and Auto Refresh

SSRS Video 5: Report Design - IV

  • Designing Chart Based Reports
  • Chart Series Properties and Options
  • Chart Legend - Properties and Placement
  • Chart Areas with Multiple Toolbox Items
  • Chart Area Properties & Limitations
  • Report Label Properties and Markers
  • Axis Titles and Margin Properties
  • Axis Labels and Grid Marks Properties
  • Working with 3-Dimensional Reports
  • Pie Charts, Data Bars and Area Charts
  • Category Groups and Series Category Groups
  • Item Properties - Actions, Visibility & Options
  • Report Actions - Parameters, Limitations
  • Report Actions and Dynamic Parameters
  • Type Conversions in SSRS Expressions
  • Common Report Errors and Solutions

SSRS Video 6: Report Design - V

  • Gauge Reports - Purpose and Design
  • Gauge Report Types and Options
  • Scale and Pointer Specifications
  • Range Specifications, Width, Scale
  • Gauge Properties and Filters
  • Parameterized Gauge Reports (RB)
  • Indicator Reports - Purpose and Design
  • Working with Range and Indicator Filters
  • Indicators Value and States (Expressions)
  • Dynamic Report Options and Parameters
  • Working with SSAS Cube (MDX) Reports
  • Parameters with MDX Reports
  • Identifying KPIs and Measures
  • Cube Report Design with Filters
  • SSRS Reports versus Excel Reports
  • Tuning MDX Cube Reports in SSRS

SSRS Video 7: Report Design - VI

  • Installing Report Builder Tool
  • Report Builder Versions and Limitations
  • DataSource and DataSet Creation
  • Datasets with Parameters and Filters
  • Toolbox Options and Format Options
  • Tablix Reports with Report Builder
  • Report Datasets and Set Parameters
  • Designing Geographical Queries
  • Query Buider Options and Text Options
  • Map Reports with Stored Procedures
  • Map Reports with Indicators, Labels
  • Analytical Data Reports and Usage
  • Creating RDL Files with Report Builder
  • Report Design with SPs - Benefits
  • Internal Parameters in SSRS (SPs)

SSRS Video 8: Report Design - VII

  • Working with Multiple Datasets
  • Joining Datasets and LOOKUP
  • Local versus Shared Datasets
  • Databar Report Design Options
  • Sparkline Reports and Usage
  • Adding Chart Areas and Options
  • Adding Chart Series and Options
  • Report Dashboards - Importance
  • Dashboard Reports Creation Process
  • Query Techniques for Reporting
  • Report Chart Types and Usage
  • Series Cluster Usage Options
  • Category Groups and Options
  • Item List Reports and Usage
  • Sub Reports Design & Parameters
  • Auto-size and RS Format Options

SSRS Video 9: Report Deployment & Management

  • Report Manager Configurations
  • Managing Data Sources Security
  • Security Roles and Content Management
  • Exporting and Importing Reports (RDL)
  • Snapshot Usage and Storage Management
  • Report / Local and Global Schedules
  • ReportServerTempdb Usage and Tuning
  • Tuning SSRS - Report Performance
  • Report Builder Connections and Reuse
  • Creating SSRS Subscriptions & Emails
  • Report Designer Vs Report Builder
  • Report Parts and RS Storage Options
  • Publishing Report Parts in Report Builder
  • Stored Procedures in Report Builder
  • Report Delivery Options & Schedules
  • Accessing and Controlling Reports
  • Email Subscriptions and Options
  • Encryption Keys and RS Config Files
  • Working with RS Execution Accounts
  • SSRS Configurations & Report Properties

SSRS Video 10: Scale-Out Deployments, SMDL, PowerView

  • Scale-out Deployment Options in SSRS
  • Configuring SSRS for Scale-Out Options
  • Creating SMDL Report Templates
  • Deploying SMDL Templates in Report DB
  • Using SMDL Templates for Reporting
  • Power Pivot Configurations in Excel
  • Power View Report Configurations
  • Power View for RDLX Reports
  • Tables, Charts and Data Bars
  • Cube Reports and MDX Queries
  • Cube Reports with MDX Parameters
  • Pivot Tables Versus Pivot Charts
  • Comparing PowerView and Report Builder
  • Drillthrough Report Management Options
  • Migrating Reports with SSRS - Options

Tasks for each video, Trainers available for doubts Clarifications. One Real-time Casestudy for this SSRS Video Course.
SSRS Course Requirements

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Why choose SQL School™ :

  • Completely Practical and Realtime SSRS Videos
  • Video wise Tasks and Report Assignments
  • Screen-shot Practice Based Material for each video
  • On Job Support services even after the course
  • 24x7 Server Access with Realtime Databases


After SSRS Video Course, participant should be able to:

  • Design Reports with DataSets, Joined Queries
  • Work with Report Parameters and Filters
  • Design Linked Reports and Dynamic Filters
  • DesignGauge, Map & Indicator Reports
  • Tune OLTP Reports and OLAP / Dashboard Reports
  • Deploy, Secure Subscriptions and Snapshots

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Who can benefit from this course?

This course is helpful for aspiring MSBI Developers, BI Architects, SQL Developers, Database Testers, BI Analysts, DB Architects and .NET Professionals. All training videos are completely practical and realtime. Session Material and LIVE Server with Lab included in the course.

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