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SSIS (ETL & DWH) Video Training - How it works?

Real-time, Practical Training Videos, accessible 24x7. Study, Practice Material and Lab Work for every video. Trainer available for doubts clarifications and support. Theory Material to be provided in Advance.

Type: 100% Practical & Example Based, Real-time
No. of Videos: 14 Videos (Duration: 85 mins per video)
Course Fee: INR 7000/- (USD 120) payable in 2 installments

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Program Highlights & Trainer Profile

  • Completely Real-time and Practical
  • Video wise Lab Work and Tasks
  • One Real-time Case Study
  • Certifications & Interview Guidance
  • Interview FAQs & Resume Guidance
  • 24x7 LIVE Server with Lab, Support

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This New Curriculum applicable for registrations from Nov 6th, 2016.
Basic SSIS Development & ETL Advanced SSIS Development & Deployments

SSIS Video 1: Introduction to SSIS & Datawarehouse (DWH)

  • Need for SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
  • Understanding Datawarehouse Design and ETL Process
  • DWH and ETL Structures, Implementations in SSIS
  • Installing SSIS 2016, SSIS 214, Data Tools (BIDS/VS)
  • Understanding Datawarehouse Components and SSIS Tools
  • SSIS Configuration Options and SSIS Catalog Database
  • Understanding SSIS Catalog DB Encryptions and CLR
  • Understanding SSIS Developer Environment (SSDT)
  • Control Flow Tasks - Architecture, Purpose and Usage
  • Data Flow Tasks - Architecture, Purpose and Usage
  • Creating SSIS Packages For Basic Data Flow Operations
  • Need For Data Pipelines in Data Flow Tasks
  • Understanding SSIS Package Execution Process
  • SSIS 64 Bit and 32 Bit Configurations and Options
  • Common SSIS Package Errors & Solutions in Real-time

SSIS Video 2: Data Flow Tuning Options in SSIS

  • Working with Data Flow Objects in SSIS
  • Basic Data Extraction Drivers with Data Flow
  • Using OLE DB and SQL Server Connections
  • Excel Connections & Memory References - Usage
  • Error Outputs and Error Row Redirections in DFT
  • Transactions and Batch Scoped Data Loads in SSIS
  • Data Flow Tuning with Query Locks & Options
  • Understanding Data Flow Transformations Usage
  • Tuning Data Flow Tasks with Fast Loads
  • Fast Load Options for Data Flow in OLE DB Connections
  • Tabular Data Stream (TDS) Packet Sizing and Tuning
  • Commit Size and Rows Per Batch Calculations in DFT
  • Identity_Insert, Table Locks and Constraints in ETL
  • Comparing Regular Loads and Fast loads in ETL / DW

SSIS Video 3: SSIS Entities with Data Loads and DW

  • Understanding ETL and DWH Implementations
  • A Sales Scenario for OLTP to DW Loads
  • Kimball Method of BI Design and Keys Concepts
  • Bulk Load Operations and Data Import Options
  • Bypass Prepare and Execute Options with SQL Task
  • PIVOT Transformations and Usage in SSIS
  • Pivot Usage Values - Purpose and Usage
  • Understanding Denormalization and Keys Concepts
  • Lineage ID in SSIS - Purpose, Usage and Options
  • Historical Data Loads and Incremental Updates
  • Debugging Controls in SSIS - Variants and Limitations
  • Data Flow Debugging Controls & Data Viewer

SSIS Video 4: Data Extraction/Loads (ETL) & DW

  • Understanding SCD Transformation in SSIS
  • Data Staging Operations and Options in SSIS
  • File System Data Reads and Data Staging
  • Data Filters and Conditional Splits in DFT
  • Query Timeouts for Data Loads - Precautions
  • Implementing Type I Changes (SCD) for DW
  • Dimensional Table Design for DW using SCD
  • Initial Data Loads with Legacy Files and Staging
  • Working with Business Keys and Natural Keys
  • Identity Property and Attribute Types in SCD
  • Type II Changes in DWH - Purpose and Options
  • Historical Data Loads and DW with SSIS
  • Surrogate Keys and Alternate Keys (Intro)

SSIS Video 5: SSIS with ETL & DW

  • Type II SCD & Surrogate Keys/Alternate Keys
  • SSIS SCD Transformation Working & Options
  • Designing Dimensions for DW - Historical Loads
  • Understanding OLE DB and Inferred Members
  • Identifying Surrogate Keys for Fact Loads
  • Inferred Members and Incremental Load IDs
  • Data Delta Operations and Conditional Splits
  • Historical Attributes and Incremental Updates
  • SSIS Project Level Connection Managers
  • Naming Conventions For SSIS Entities
  • SSIS Connection Assistants - Advantages
  • SCD - Limitations and Real-time Issues
  • Alternate Solutions for SCD - Need and Usage
  • Identifying Surrogate Keys for Fact Loads

SSIS Video 6: Checkpoint and Transaction Properties

  • Understanding Scripts for SSIS Control Flow
  • Execute SQL Task and OLE DB Queries - Options
  • Transaction Options For SSIS Executables
  • SSIS Package Rollbacks and Point Restarts
  • SSIS Checkpoints - Purpose and Usage
  • Checkpoint Files and SSIS Logging Options
  • Transactions with Checkpointed Packages
  • Checkpoint Advantages and Limitations
  • SSIS Variables and Usage in ETL Scripts
  • Working with Static and Dynamic Variables
  • Package Level Parameters and Properties
  • Linking Parameters and Variables (Expressions)
  • SSIS Parameters For Dynamic Control Executions
  • Dynamic Connection Managers & Precedence

SSIS Video 7: Lookups and Fuzzy Lookup Logic

  • Working with OLE DB Data Connections
  • Reference Tables and Data Comparison Operations
  • Tuning Token Search Operations and Fuzzy Logic
  • Indexed Searches and Tuning - Memory Level
  • Threshold Comparison, Delimiters - Search Options
  • Conditional Splits and SSIS Expressions
  • SSIS Data Types and Conversion Operations
  • Working with Heterogenous Data Sources
  • Understanding Merge Transformation - Usage
  • Working with Advanced Transformation Properties
  • MERGE, MERGE JOIN and UNION ALL Transformations
  • SORT and AGGREGATE Transformations
  • Avoiding Fully Blocking Transformations With SSIS
  • Package Validation, Execution and Cleanup Events

SSIS Video 8: Checksum Operations for ETL / DW

  • Need for Checksum Transformation in ETL Data Loads
  • Configuring Checksum Transformation with Data Tools
  • Checksum Transformation Logic & Parity Checks
  • Working with CHECKSUM and Parity Bit Columns
  • Generating Checksum Values For Type I ETL Changes
  • Planning Dimension Tables With Checksum Transformation
  • Working with Parity Bits and Conditional Lookups
  • Understanding Row Redirects with Lookup Operations
  • Understanding Data Updates and OLE-DB Commands
  • Tuning Lookup - Partial and Full Cache Options
  • Pre-ETL Data Load Operations with Memory Pages
  • Understanding Dependent Data Flow Tasks & Usage
  • SSIS Internal Parameters and Query Updates

SSIS Video 9: SSIS Customizations with .NET

  • Understanding Script Task (.NET) in SSIS
  • Using VB .Net Script Task with Variables
  • Using VB and C# (.NET) Scripts with Parameters
  • Data Flow Limitations and .NET Scripting
  • SSIS Expressions & Debugging Options
  • Using SSIS Packages for Database Migrations
  • Performing SQL Server Database operations
  • SQL Server Maintenance Tasks with SSIS
  • Understanding Control Flow Containers
  • Using Control Flow File System Tasks & Limitations
  • Using .Net Scripting for SQL Server Data Reads/Writes
  • SQLDataAdapters and System.Data.SQLClient Connections
  • Adding DTS Packages to SSIS Projects (Data Tools)
  • SSIS Package/Project Conversions - Process and Options

SSIS Video 10: Change Data Capture (CDC) for ET/DW

  • Understanding CDC Tables with SQL Server
  • Need for CDC Source, CDC Control and CDC State
  • SSIS CDC Source Connections and Net Changes
  • SSIS CDC Controls and Caching, Variables
  • Understanding State Variables and Logging Tables
  • Initial Data Load Packages for Dimension Table
  • Incremental Data Load Packages for Dimension Table
  • Dynamic CDC Connections and Data Load Options
  • OLE DB Commands and Datawarehouse (DWH) Updates
  • Working with Internal Parameters and Options
  • Limitations of ADO.NET Connections and CDC Process
  • Conditional Precedence Constraints for ETL/DW
  • Custom Code Handling with .NET Script in DWH

SSIS Video 11: Master - Child Packages & Deployments

  • Understanding Parent - Child Package Options
  • Configuring Master Packages & Parameters
  • Configuring Child Packages & Parameters
  • Defining Local and Global Variables/Parameters
  • Understanding Parameter Bindings, Execute Process
  • Execute Out Of Process & Parameter Mappings
  • Conditional Data Loads (ETL) and Fact Data Design
  • Fact Loads From OLTP & Dimensions with CDC
  • Choosing Right Method for ETL Operations
  • Data Delta Operations with SSIS Expressions
  • SQL Server and ADO Connections with DataAdapters
  • Derived Columns and Data Conversions Transformations
  • Understanding Validation & Verification Techniques
  • SSIS Package Deployments & Package Executions

SSIS Video 12: SSIS Project Deployment & Security

  • Package Builds, Verification and Backups
  • SSIS Package Store Deployment Options
  • Package Store and Execution/Validation Reports
  • SSIS Package Security Mechanism (SSISDB Catalog)
  • SSIS Logins and ssisadmin Role Membership
  • Understanding Folder and Project Security
  • Execute, Write, Content Management Roles
  • Project Migration Utilities - Limitations
  • Importing ISPAC Files and SSIS Projects
  • Command-Line Deployments and Utilities
  • Scheduling SSIS Packages (Jobs) and Operators
  • Upgrading SSIS 2012 Pakages to SSIS 2014
  • Handling Enumerations and Lists in SSIS
  • Control Loops and Indexed Connections
  • SSIS Data Profiler with ADO Connections
  • Advantages of SSIS ETL/DW Procedures & Conclusions

SSIS Video 13: Fact Loads in Data Warehouse (DWH)

  • Understanding Dimension Loads
  • Creating Scenarios for Fact Loads
  • Generate Time Dimensions for DWH
  • Use of Time Dimensions in Warehouse
  • Working with Text Qualifiers (.dat files)
  • Fact Table Loads - Techniques
  • Designing Master - Child Packages
  • Key Based Dimension LOOKUPs
  • SCD Implementations with Legacy Data
  • Fact Loads - Initial Updates
  • Fact Loads - Incremental Updates
  • Master - Child Packages for ETL/DWH
  • Designing End-to-End Warehouse Packages
  • Advantages of SSIS ETL/DW Procedures


SSIS Video Training Highlights

  • Completely Practical and Real-time
  • One REAL-TIME Case Study
  • Video wise screenshots for future reference
  • Option to access each video multiple times
  • 24x7 LIVE Online Server for Lab
  • Software and Installation Guidance
  • Lab Assistance and Sample Data for Practice
  • Additional Material for practice
  • Completely Practical and Real-time
  • Trainer Available for Doubts Clarifications

Trainers available for doubts clarifications. One Realtime Casestudy for this SSIS Video Training Course.

Why choose SQL School™ Training Institute:

  • Completely Practical and Realtime
  • Video Wise Tasks and Assignments
  • Labwork and Material for each video
  • On Job Support even after the course
  • 24x7 Server LIVE Online Lab
  • Mock Interviews and Certification Guidance


  • Microsoft Learning Partner Verify Link
  • ISO Certified Training Instittue

SSIS Video Training Course Highlights:

  • Data Warehouses (DWH) Design & Schemas, Keys
  • Decide to use SCD, CDC, Checksum Techniques
  • ETL & Data Delta - Caching Options
  • Handle Events and Errors with Tuning Options
  • Script .NET and Parameterized Fuzzy Operations
  • BIDS to SSIS Migrations, Configuration Options
  • Deploy and Implement SSIS Package Job Security
  • SSIS Catalog DB Tuning & Package Reporting
  • SSIS 2016 : New Features and Advantages
  • SSIS 2016 : 3rd Party AddsOns and In-Memory



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Please find the Guidelines for Video Based Training (VBT) - Online

1. How does Video Training Works

> Videos are accessible 24x7. You can opt to access any number of videos each day or same video for multiple days.
> Video Course to be completed within 3 months from the date of registration.
> A Technical Test / Mock Interview is conducted and a Course completion certificate to be issued upon completion of the course.


2. Access the videos

> Each video is for duration of 80 - 90 minutes, can be paused/replayed for writing running notes and understanding.
> Each video can be accessible multiple times before you proceed with the next video. Any time, any day.
> To ensure secured delivery of our services the participant shall connect to our video cloud in a secured environment.


3. Study Material, Practice and Doubts/clarifications

> Study Material and Practice examples used in every video to be provided on email.
> Software Installation Assistance and access to our 24x7 LIVE Server to be provided for duration of the course.
> Trainers are available for doubts clarifications. On Skype, Email as well as on Call.


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Who can benefit from this SSIS Video Training Course?

This course is helpful for aspiring MSBI Developers, BI Architects, SQL Developers, Database Testers, BI Analysts, DB Architects and .NET Professionals. This course also helps in preparing for Microsoft 70-463 (MSBI Developer) Exam. All training videos are completely practical and realtime. Video wise Material and LIVE Server Access with Lab included in this SSIS Video Course.

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