SQL Server Trainings and Projects

Available Projects 



Project #1. Credit Card Processing

This project involves tracking transactions, valdiating accounts, categorizing financial data, Generating PINs, Ensuring successful transactions or timely rollback of fund transfer, real-time executions, reports and Authorizations of payments and more.


Project #2. Asset Management

Create and manage assets, faults, maintenance contracts, parts and staff within your organization. This project also includes stategic investment planning, machinery, ROI (Return Over Investment), Forecasts and more..


Project #3. Banking

Create and manage financial accounts, ledger balance, customer data, payment gateways, products and more. Also includes Real-time Data Tracking operations and big data support.


Project #4. Insurance

Create and manage accounts for financial institutions, bids, statements, claims, allocations over different domains like Health, Items, Vehicles, Machinery, and more.


Project #5. ECommerce

Log product based order information ranging from customer address and payment method, products purchased, order and delivery information and more.


Project #6. HealthCare

Store Support based information like Ticekts, Staff, Assignments, SLA (Service Level Agreement), OLA (Operation Level Agreement), Ticket Priority Rules and triggers, and more.


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