Machine Learning Online Training

Big Data and R Language course is designed to prepare you for a job assignment in the Big Data world. The course provides you not only with R Language essential skills, but also gives you practical work experience in Big Data Hadoop by completing long-term, real-world projects. You’ll use R Language with CloudLab—a cloud-based R Language environment lab—to complete your hands-on project work. Register Today

Trainers : Mr. Sai Phanindra & Mr. Naga

Total Course Fee : 20,000/-  15,000/- [USD 250]

Course Fee payable in Installments


Realtime, Practical Daily Tasks
Real-time Case Studies Weekly Interviews
Resume Guidance, FAQ Placement Services

All Sessions are Completely Practical & Real Time.


Machine Learning Training Course Contents:

Getting Started R

  • R Basics
  • Variables and Class
  • Vectors, List, Factors, Matrix
  • Data Frames
  • Missing Values
  • Data Reading and Writing data
  • Data Visualization using GGPLOT
  • If-Else Conditions
  • Function
  • Loops
  • Data manipulation
  • Python

  • Python Basics

  • Python Lists

  • Functions and Packages

  • Numpy

  • Control flow and Pandas


  • Counting Combinations, Generating Combinations
  • Generating Random Numbers
  • Generating Reproducible Random Numbers
  • Generating a Random Sample
  • Generating Random Sequences
  • Randomly Permuting a Vector
  • Probabilities for Discrete Distributions
  • Probabilities for Continuous Distributions, Converting
  • Probabilities to Quantiles, Plotting a Density Function


  • Edges
  • Vertices
  • Graphs
  • Programs

Machine Learning

  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Types Of Machine Learning
  • Real time use cases in Machine Learning
  • Types of Algorithms Types of Problems –
    • Regression
    • Classification
    • Clustering
    • Collaborative Filtering
    • Optimization
    • Prediction
  • Regression –
    • Linear Regression
    • Logistic Regression
  • Classification –
    • Logistic Regression
    • Decision Tree,Random Forest
    • KNN,SVM
    • Naive ayes
  • Clustering –
    • K-means Clustering
24x7 LIVE Online Server (Lab) with Real-time Databases. Course includes ONE Real-time Project. Register Today
All Classes are Instructor-Led & LIVE. Completely Practical and Real-time with Study Material, Session Notes, Tasks and 24x7 LIVE Server.

Machine Learning Training - Highlights :

  • Completely Practical and Real-time
  • Suitable for Starters + Working Professionals
  • Session wise Handouts and Tasks + Solutions
  • TWO Real-time Case Studies, One Project
  • Weekly Mock Interviews, Certifications
  • Certification & Interview Guidance
  • Detailed SQL Server Architecture, DB Design
  • Query Tuning, Stored Procedures, Linked Servers
  • In-Memory, DAC and Contained Databases
  • Routine DBA Activities, Emergency DBA Activities
  • SQL Profiler, SQLDIAG, DTA and Litespeed Tools
  • High Availability, Disaster Recovery, Always-On
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